Finding the Right Part-Time Job for You

by Craig on February 25, 2010

During these difficult economic times, more and more people are turning to part-time jobs to earn any income they can.  Some are forced to find part-time work because of their difficulty in finding a full-time job.  Others are taking on part-time jobs as a means to earn extra income to pay bills or make ends meet.

Still, a third category of part-time workers are people who purposely seek a part-time job or income opportunity with a goal and vision to turn it into a full-time income and gravitate from a full-time job they’ve grown to hate to a new career.  In essence, their desire is to build a new career for themselves, starting part-time and hoping to build their part-time income opportunity into either a full-time income, whether they still opt to work part-time in the new career, or full-time.

My best advice to anyone seeking a part-time job is to find a job that best suits your personality, interests and past experience.  Most importantly, seek part-time positions in an area or industry you’re passionate about.  History has proven that the majority of workers hate their current jobs or existing career.  What separates many part-time job opportunity seekers away from the hoards of people who work in a dead-end job, is that they represent the segment of society willing to burn extra midnight oil and hold down two jobs in hopes of shutting down their deadbeat job one day and going full-time with their part-time job. 

For this to happen, your new part-time job opportunity needs to be a successful one.  For it to become successful, you’ll have to dedicate time and energy into your new part-time assignment.  For you to devote considerable time and interest in a new part-time position, particularly if you’re required to put a lot of hours into it in order to make it work, one needs to be passionate about the new part-time position or career.  For you to become and stay passionate, it will need to be fun.

And ”fun” part-time job opportunities is what is going to become famous for day.  We’re going to focus on covering new part-time job opportunities and areas of interests that large segments of society will come to find or know as “fun.”

We welcome your suggestions regarding part-time job opportunities you want to see us cover and opine on in the future.  Feel free to contact us any time with an idea or suggestion on part-time job opportunities or part-time income opportunities that you feel will be of interest to others.  If you have an opportunity of your own, we’ll even consider reviewing the opportunity and publishing our review.

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