Watkins Offers Oldest Part-Time Job Opportunity

by Craig on February 25, 2010

One of the greatest part-time income opportunities you’ll ever come across, whether looking for an online business or a traditional offline business, is that of a Watkins home products business.  Founded in 1868, Watkins was not only one of the first home products businesses in America, but it has always marketed its products through a network of work-at-home indepedent Watkins associates, or dealers.

Today’s Watkins manufactures over 350 different products for home, family and personal use.  Independent Watkins associates have numerous ways and methods to build and operate their independent businesses.  The cost of joining Watkins and being able to buy at wholesale (i.e., a 25% discount) is only $39.95 plus tax.  Each year thereafter, the cost of renewing an associates’s wholesale membership is $30 per year. 

Watkins is an outstanding company with an impeccable reputation.  The company has never had a single product recall in its 142-year history.  This speaks volumes about the care the company takes in the manufacturing process and concern for producing all products to extremely high standards.

The Watkins compensation plan is one that rewards associates for building their own independent Watkins sales organizations.  A dealer not only makes money from his or her own sales, but earns an over-riding bonus on the sales of anyone he or she recruits, as well all associates below their personally sponsored level.  Thus, the residual income earning potential of Watkins makes it an outstanding part-time income producing opportunity.

One can download a free ebook about the Watkins part-time business opportunity at WorkFromHomeGoldmine.com or request a Free Watkins Business Evaluation Kit at WorkatHomeDealer.com.

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